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Photo Cell & UV Cell

  Yash Hitech System offering Wide range of Siemens photo cell & UV cell in stock. also we have Honeywell UV cell and photo cell, Brahma UV cell and Photo Cell, Satronoc Photo cell and UV cell, Petercem Photo cell & UV cell, etc.

Siemens UV Cell, Oil

  Product Code: QRA-4U

Yash Hitech System offering Siemens make UV cell QRA 4.u Flame Sensor for Gs burners.

UV flame detector for use with burner controls from Siemens for the supervision of gas or oil flames.

Siemens UV Cell, Oil


Oil, Gas Burner Photo Cell and UV Cell


Oil, Gas Burner Photo Cell and UV Cell

Yash Hitech System offering Oil & Gas Burner Photo Cell and UV Cell in stock.

We have Different type and Different modal available in Photo Cell & UV cell as below:

QRB1, QRB3, QRC1, QRA2, QRA10.C, QRA10M.C, QRA50M, QRA53, QRA51M, QRA55, RAR 7, RAR 9 ,QRI 2b2, QRA 4.U LFE10, LAE10, LFE50, etc.

Honeywell UV Sensor

  Item Code: c7027a-1049

Yash Hitech System offering Honeywell Flame Sensor, Honeywell U.V.Detector, Honeywell Servo Motor, Honeywell Modulating Motor, Honeywell Gas Solenoid Valves, Honeywell Flame Relay, Honeywell Burner Photocell, Honeywell Ignition Transformer etc.

Honeywell UV Sensor

  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7027A 1049
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7027A 1023
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7027A 1031
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7035A 1056
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7035A 1023
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7035A 1031
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7035A 1080
  • Honeywell U.V.Detector C7044A 1023

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