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  Gas Regulators & Servo Motors
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRS, FRNG, FRN, FRSBV Series

  These are Gas Pressure Regulators used for Regulating the Inlet and Outlet Pressure of the Gas and suitable for different Applications.
  Max operating pressure allowable is 0.5 bar.
  Outlet pressure range can be obtained and changed by different Springs available for different Pressure Settings.

Giuliani Anello, Italy (Now known as Watts Industries)

  Gas Filters are available in sizes from 1/2" to 6" with a maximum operating pressures of 6 bar.
  Gas Pressure Regulators are available up to 1bar and 4 bar range and up to flow rates of 500Nm3/hr of Natural gas.
  These are available in different sizes right from 1/2" to 2" in Threaded Versions and from 2" to 4" in Flanged Versions.
  Popular models and series are FGD, FGDR, FG1B, FS1B, ST1B, ST4B, ST4B ... BM and Air-gas ratio regulators in GAVR series.

APQ Spain Gas Pressure Regulators

  Gas Pressure Regulators are available from APQ Spain for Inlet Pressures Ranging from 1 bar to 16 bar and flow rates upto 2000 Nm3/hr.
  Popular models available are R120ES, SUTON, ALTON and RC series.
  These are available in combination with Regulator Cum Slam Shutoff Valve and Over / Under Pressure Relief Valves Combined in a single block.
  Popular models are APQ R120 ES, APQ SUTON and APQ RC series.

Siemens Servomotors

  Wide Range and Varieties of Siemens make Servomotors are available in different series like SQN, SQM with variety of different combinations for different makes of burners and different applications and specifications.
  Some popular models are kept in ready stock by us, rest can be ordered against specific request from customers.
  Their position can be controlled by means of Mechanical Cams, Potentiometer, 4 - 20mA Signal and CAN bus.
  They are available in 24V DC, 110V AC, 230V AC.
  Popular models are SQM 10, SQM 33, SQM 40, SQM 41, SQM 44, SQM 48, SQM 55, and SQN 3, SQN 7, SQN 72, SQN 75 and SQN 9 series.

Dungs Servomotors

  Dungs Servomotors are available for actuation of Dungs Butterfly Valves and Dungs Linear Flow Control Valves.
  These Servomotors are available in 3 Nm and 10 Nm Torque, with 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
  They can provide controls using cams, 4-20mA signal and 0 - 10V and position feedback using Potentiometer, 4-20mA signal and 0 - 10V.

Gas Regulators and Servo Motors
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRS Series
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRNG Series
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRN Series
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRSBV Series
Giuliani Anello Gas Filters
Giuliani Anello Gas Pressure Regulators
APQ Spain Gas Pressure Regulators
Siemens Servomotors
Siemens Servomotors SQM 10
Siemens Servomotors SQM 33
Siemens Servomotors SQM 40
Siemens Servomotors SQM 41
Siemens Servomotors SQM 44
Siemens Servomotors SQM 48
Siemens Servomotors SQM 55
Siemens Servomotors SQM 3
Siemens Servomotors SQM 7
Siemens Servomotors SQM 72
Siemens Servomotors SQM 75
Siemens Servomotors SQM 9
Dungs Servomotors


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