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All types of Suntec oil pump series and accessories available in India on demand. We are leading importers, distributors and stockists of suntec pumps in India since 1996 - 97 (Yash Hitech Systems)

High capacity Suntec oil Pumps :

Burner capacity from 3000 to 30 000 kW
(Pumps with electric preheater facility for heavy oil applications)

Suntec oil pump with regulator series
Suntec oil pump without regulator series
Suntec oil  pump pressure regulator series



Medium capacity Suntec oil Pumps:

Burner capacity from 400 to 3000 kW
(Light oil or heavy oil applications, pumps with or without hydraulic cut-off) Suntec oil pump D series

Suntec oil pump AJ series

Suntec oil pump J series

Suntec oil pump E series


Small capacity Suntec oil Pumps :

Burner capacity rom 10 to1000 kW
(Light oil, kerosene and B10* applications, pumps with or without solenoid valve,for single step or two step operation)

All light oil pumps are suitable for two-pipe or one-pipe configuration.

Suntec oil pump AE series

Suntec oil pump AN series

Suntec oil pump AL series

Suntec oil pump ALE series

Suntec oil pump AS series

Suntec oil pump AUV series

Suntec oil pump AP series

Suntec oil pump AT series

Suntec oil pump A2L series


Suntec Electromagnetic pumps for Kerosene and light oil application :

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump VC series

Suntec Electromagnetic pump VSC series

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump VSK series

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump VSE series

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump KR series


Suntec Electromagnetic pumps for water and other liquid applications :

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump VSW series

Suntec Electromagnetic pump SRW series

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump VW series

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump WP series

Suntec Electromagnetic  pump MVW series



We are offering Suntec fuel oil pumps, Suntec fuel oil gear pumps and oil burner pumps which are widely used for Industrial and residential application. Suntec manufactures more than 400 models of Fuel Pumps for light and heavy oil with capacity upto 4000 ltr./hr. Our fuel oil pumps, fuel oil gear pumps, oil burner pumps and oil gear pumps are ideal for low capacity, medium capacity and high capacity burners ranging from 10KW to 30,000KW.

  Suntec Oil Pumps AS, AN, AE, AT2, A2L, D, E Series


Suntec Oil Pumps AS, AN, AE, AT2, A2L, D, E Series

  These are all Different Varieties and Models of Standard Range of low, medium and high capacity pumps available for different burners for wide variety of oils from kerosene, bio-diesel, HSD, Furnace oil etc.
  These pump models are having Different Direction of Rotation i.e. Clockwise & Anticlockwise, with Different Features and Connection Ports.
  Pump models AS 47 C/A, AS 67 C/A, AN 67 A/B/C, AE 67 / 97, AT2 45 C/A, A2L 75 CK, D57 C/A, D67 C/A, E6 NB 1001, E7 NA 1001, E6 NC 1001, E4 NC 1069, E6 NC 1069, E7 NC 1069, E4 NA 1070 , E6 NA 1070 etc. are available Ex. Stock with us.
Suntec Oil Pumps T and TA series

  These pumps are used for Large Burners with Heavy Fuel Oils like Furnace Oil etc with oil temperature ranging upto 120C.
  Popular models are TA 2C, TA 3C, TA 4C, T3 C, T4 C and T5 C are available Ex. Stock with us.

Suntec Oil Pump Accessories

  These are small but Important Parts available.
  Can be used in conjunction with these oil pumps like, solenoid coils, hubs / plates for conversion from 32 to 54mm, shaft seals kits, cover kits, plugin cables, small couplings etc.


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