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  APQ safety release valves

APQ Safety Release Valves

  These safety release valves can be used for the same purpose as mentioned above.
  These are made by APQ Spain.
  These are available in sizes of " and 1" and setting pressure range is 18 mbar to 8 bar with different set of springs as per customer's requirements.

Giuliani Anello Slam Shutoff Valves

  These are slam shutoff valves means that in case of over pressure in the system, this valve will shut the gas in the pipeline and prevent the down stream system from the damage due to over pressure.
  These are available in sizes from " to 6" and with maximum allowable Inlet pressure of gas as 6 bar and shut off setting pressure range between 80 to 550 mbar.

APQ Slam Shut Off Valve

  These are available in two different versions : one which can be directly fitted below the APQ gas regulator and other which can be separately mounted on the gas train pipe line.
  These are available for both Over Pressure and Under Pressure cut off.
  These are available in sizes from 1" to 3" in threaded/flanged versions.
  These can be set to shut off at pressures from 10 mbar to 4 bar.

APQ Tower Gauge

  APQ Tower Gauge is available in the size of " NPT threads.
  This is having multifunction like facility for connecting the pressure gauge, impulse lines from regulator and slam shut off valve.
  Also the push button cock for this tower gauge is bitable, allowing you to see the pressure in the gauge while setting the pressure on the regulator.
  Also the special feature is that we can rotate the pressure gauge after fitting the same by 360 degrees without leakage of gas or loosening of pressure gauge.
  Max allowable pressure is 25 bar.

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